Number 1 Personality Traits

Are you Born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of any month?
Is your Conductor Number being 1?

Then this article is for you. You have landed in the Right Place.
Now, Let’s get started with the Personality Traits for Number 1 People:

Number 1 ruling Planet is THE SUN.
It is also known as KING of all the Planets.
Since SUN is their ruling planet. So, These People are Very attractive. They Enjoy the Privilege of being on TOP of every work they took.
These People can only work in Independent Positions. They don’t like to work under anyone.
Number 1 sometimes faces EGO problems in their Life. They want to stay always on TOP and with their Determination, they also succeed with it.

Number 1 People have the following Qualities:

  • Born Leader in Life.
  • Good Cook.
  • Full of Energy.
  • Do not Compromise in any work they do.
  • Strong Character.
  • Have their Own Belief System.
  • Some of the Demerits of NUMBER 1 are:

  • They like to Dominate others.
  • Always want Perfect things in life.
  • Egoistic
  • Number 1 also represents THE FIRE. Due to Fire Element. These Types of Personalities are seen sometimes in their Angry Mode. The Fire Element in them also brings a lot of ZEAL to do the impossible Tasks.
    Things that were never thought of are Invented by these people.

    They are the True Inventor of New things in the World. Most Scientists or Innovators are the Number 1 people. They love to take risks in their life.

    If they want anything to happen, they will make it happen anyhow. But In an Honest way.
    They do every work with Full Dedication & with full sincerity.

    So, Number 1 being the first number in our Numerology. It is the very important Number for Success.

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    Have a Blessed Life Ahead!